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We will stand up for mental health!
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Lenin and I will be joining Last Man Standing, this Saturday (30/10/2021) in Amsterdam! We will stand for 3 hours on a raised platform to raise awareness around mental health. 

Our goal is not only to raise awareness around mental health, but also to raise money for MIND. MIND is committed to prevent mental health problems among young people, and support those who need help. With the donations MIND will be able to support the MIND jongerenplatform, including including the MIND Young Academy in schools and the MIND Young Studio, the online platform of MIND young people who also have experience with psychological problems. In addition, MIND ensures that mental health is higher on the agenda of policy makers and others.

Anxiety has always been on the background, ever since I was a little kid. Due to external circumstances, past traumas, an unhealthy work environment and a determination to succeed no matter what (which is not a bad thing though), I have been crossing my own limits for way too much, for way too long. Because of this, I had to deal with intense anxiety and a burn-out during what supposed to be the happiest chapter of my life: the pregnancy of my first baby boy. 

Throughout these months, I felt alone... A lot of times... I tried to share my experience, but noticed that there is a huge stigma around mental health, especially during pregnancies. It is a fact that 10% of the women develop an anxiety disorder and/or depression during or after pregnancy, and 0,1% a psychosis. This means that 1 in 10 women has serious mental health issues during their pregnancy (the Netherlands).

As of this moment it became my life project, not only to raise awareness among mental health, but to share my story with the vision of people feeling heard... People feeling understood... And, people feeling connected. 


Will you support Lenin & me? Donate now! Or join in and share the action with everyone you know!


Many thanks in advance for your donation!






Learn more about my life project at:

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